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Founded in Venice, FL in 2009, we take pride in being hands-on owners who serve our local community and their families:

We would love to speak with you about your wants and needs in order to make your relocation easy and stressfree. 


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Pack & Unpack 

The most tedious part of every move is preparing the delicate loose items to travel safely. A process that normally will take weeks for a homeowner can be completed by our staff in a day's time with the use of specialized techniques & equipment. Once your items are packed & moved to the new location our staff will put your items away exactly as they found them. We will even make a plan with you regarding how you would like your new kitchen put away so everything is right where you expect it. An Organized Move will wipe down shelves & dust ornamentals before staging them in your new home. Our service is complete concierge, you won't pack or unpack a single box and will arrive to find every detail meticulously accounted for, down to your bed made & toothbrush put away. 

Paperwork & Utilities

Our average client has 9-12 different services registered to their address. Ranging from utilities to social security, banking, insurance, periodicals and more. When this becomes too much to grasp, An Organized Move can step in and make calls on your behalf to execute your transfers. While we can transfer over most services independently there are some that require authentication of the homeowner, in which case we will make the calls together over coffee. Additionally, if you're moving to a senior living facility we can help navigate the mountain of admission paperwork needed to get you in on schedule. If you need any paperwork errands done in your moving process An Organized Move is your on-call concierge. 

After Move Support

One of An Organized Move's signature services is our after move follow-up support. When choosing An Organized Move full service you are entitled to a return visit the week after your move where our staff will do anything needed to make you perfectly comfortable in your new space. From moving furniture to hanging art and reorganizing cupboards to better fit your lifestyle. We developed & integrated this service because the best-laid plan is just that - a plan - and the client doesn't know exactly how a layout or floor-plan will work for them until they get the chance to live in it. An Organized Move encourages our clients to make a list from the moment they move in of all the things they want to change & upon our return visit we will go through the list and create the perfect space. 


Many clients are overwhelmed at the thought of moving to a smaller space, however, with the right guidance, this transition can be effortless and even relieving. Our expert staff will help you decide what items will fit in your new space and how to best utilize them to live your best life without clutter or stress. Moving into a smaller space is hard, but with the right mindset, it can be seen as getting closer to the possessions that truly matter to you. An Organized Move is the chosen provider to many senior living facilities in Sarasota County because we go the extra mile to make our clients feel comfortable in a smaller space. If you have concerns about the choices available for all your extra items see our 'Clear-out & Donation' section to learn about options that fit your plan. 

Clear-Out & Donation

When going through the moving process many clients seek to let items go, often to donation, consignment, auction or to family. With full service moving packages we can coordinate any of these needs on your behalf. An Organized Move is not affiliated with any consignment or auction companies and will always ethically advise on the most cost-effective measures of removal. Other companies will lead you to believe that every item is a priceless treasure and advise you to pay fees in return for profit. In reality, making a profit from the sale of your unwanted items is very unrealistic and in most cases, your best option is to donate for the tax write off. We live in an area with an extreme glut of unwanted furniture in thrift/donation/consignment boutiques and the unfortunate reality that there is a market surplus.  

An Organized Move also offers flat-rate clear-outs to donation and family in the event of a loved one passing. 

Hoard Remediation

Cases of extreme clutter, commonly called Hoarding, can be an insurmountable task for individuals & places an immense strain on families. An Organized Move is the most experienced Hoard Remediation provider in Sarasota County. Whether it is an estate or apartment, we are uniquely equipped with the skills to methodically & ethically wade through the hoard & bring our clients back to the sense of peace they lost in the chaos of the clutter. We can go through the collection piece by piece searching for valuables & cataloging our findings for a job report if needed. Conversely, if your property just needs to be emptied of the Hoard in a timely manner we can fill dumpsters as fast as they can be delivered. Don't let yourself be overwhelmed, An Organized Move has your back with action plans in place to analyze the situation and begin immediately.